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The Toyota success story

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Toyota was one of the first customers to use Livesystems’ new “car network”. The results of a survey conducted by Livesystems are impressive, and these results were also confirmed by Toyota.

Factsheet Auto Network

Car Network Factsheet

64 Screens

Gas Station

7-day campaign

10-second ad

60-second interval

Livesystems Ltd’s car network encompasses 64 screens across Switzerland, which are placed in locations that are often frequented by people who drive cars. All our screens are Full HD and measure at least 75 inches.

Toyota Ltd, based in Safenwil, was one of the first customers to make use of our new network, when they used our screens to promote their new Toyota Yaris Hybrid and encouraged viewers to take a test drive.

Livesystems used the campaign to find out how potential car buyers were viewing the screens and Toyota’s advertising. To test the effectiveness of the car network, we surveyed more than 100 motorists in Zurich, Bern, Lausanne and Geneva who had spent time in one of the locations the screens were positioned. The results were impressive!

Almost all those surveyed (96%) had noticed the large screen. Of these motorists, 90% could remember having watched a car ad. 70% registered that the vehicle being advertised was a Toyota.

Anita Gerber, Toyota Ltd’s Head of Marketing & Communication, was impressed:

The additional screens, placed in prominent positions, helped us to improve the visibility of our campaign, and the audience was the right one for us, too. The ad resonated well, and we saw a significant increase in showroom visits.

Anita GerberHead of Marketing & Communication, Toyota AG

Our dealers report they are happy with the advertising campaign and that visibility was good. Footfall in the showroom went up, too, meaning that the dealers carried out more test drives

Dragan Dojcinovic, CEO of Livesystems Ltd, was delighted with this positive customer feedback. “Once again, we have managed to create a service that gives our advertising clients an efficient, cost-effective way of advertising where their potential customers are,” he said. He added that plans were in place to create networks for other specific target audiences in the future.